“This is the perfect angle! Keep the boat RIGHT HERE!”



That statement out of context seems like a valid request from a photographer. Especially one like Luka that gets so into the moment that he tends to lose sight of his surroundings. The context, for those of you who are wondering, were the 20+ knt winds and the water cresting over the bow of the boat into the driver’s face. It was a wet and windy weekend filled with hijinks.



The Coupe du Quebec kicked off Saturday morning to some of the shiftiest winds we have seen this season. We’re talking a full 360 rotation that had race committee adjusting, then readjusting, and then just for some more fun, adjusting again. A whopping 26 boats joined our ever so valiant zodiac out on the water and made the best of the conditions. Our photography team ran the length of the course several times trying to get our shots in while Madeleine championed the fleet into a total of four races that day. With variable lighting conditions we headed in before the end of the last race to begin our editing process.


And so begins the hijinks. You know that moment when you’re getting ready to leave harbour and you think to yourself, is the tank full? You remember seeing one of the guys check the tank under the seat, right? Yeah, if the answer is ever not 100% yes, check again. Otherwise you may find yourself out of gas off the point between Pointe-Claire and Beaconsfield. Better still, when you proceed to give your location to rescue, make sure you’re clear which of the several points with windmills you happen to be in front of. You’d be amazed just how many points along Lac-St-Louis apparently have them. Needless to say our attempt to get in early and have photos out before dinner were delayed until such a time as fuel came by. The evening closed off with drinks, merriment, a live band and dancing that proved once again that what we sailors lack for in rhythm we make up for in enthusiasm. 


Cue Sunday morning and the 20 knt winds. Donning layers upon layers of our most waterproof gear and plastic baggy-ed camera in hand we set out to follow the fleet. Water bottles weren’t necessary as driving involved drinking mass quantities of lake water while I attempted to breathe. Winds were heavy, waves were insistent and Luka snap happy as conditions lent themselves to some fantastic shots. While I struggled to keep our boat in roughly the same vicinity for more than a second at a time competitors were facing their own struggles.




You know you’re a true skipper when while sinking bellow the waterline you maintain hold of the tiller like a pro. From a breach, to lost a lost tiller and yes, even a man overboard the fleet knocked out three fantastic races. The sheer skill and determination we saw out on the water that day was as always impressive. Again, you know your skipper skills at pro level when your tiller pops of shortly after rounding the windward mark and you somehow maintain hold of it slamming it back into place fast enough to lose but a boat length. Ultimately Tiger Niles proved to take first with Chimere in second and Johnathon Livingston Seagull in third. 





Congratulations once again everyone, and thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your weekend!