Alright, first we’re going to have to apologize for this horribly overdue recap of Laser Masters Canadians. Between the Masters, a the Sail Past, Maude Cup and then the craziness that is Canada and Pride Weekend in Toronto, lets just say this has been sitting in the draft box for a while. So without further ado…Laser Masters Canadians weekend recap.


Let me just open by saying that we here at SailingShot can only hope to be as wholly bad ass as these athletes one day. The event got off to a rocky start on Friday as is the trend with day one’s this season. Light winds had the fleet clumping together along the start line  vying for the best break off the line. The result, a quarter of the fleet being black flagged…special shout out to one Rob Koci for taking a short swim as a result of exuberance whilst going into a guy be around the gate. We’ve all been there…see our Sharks post for more details!


Saturday followed up with an afternoon tow in when the winds dies and our athletes found themselves bobbing along the course. Competitors turned in for beers and we headed back out to see if we could catch some of the Maud Cup. For those of you who don’t know the Maud Cup is an annual regatta run out of Point Claire Yacht Club in which keelboats are raced single handed around a white sail course. Needless to say, if the Laser’s couldn’t muster up enough momentum in the breeze the keelboats in Maude Cup were lost. The race was abandoned and our day officially became a social event.


With the weekend rounding out to be a little disappointing on the shots front our photographer decided to get creative. Or, at least that’s what I’m going to use as the reasoning behind him hoisting himself up the top of the mast and nestling in between the spreaders of a Frers33. The positioning was less than mobile and  bruising to the kidneys and lower back proved sufficient for our photographer to amble back down after 2 hours at the top of the reverse pendulum. The fleet managed to complete its required races, much to our photography delight with American Laser Class president Andy Roy taking first place.


Typically this is where we’d end our regatta report, but as mentioned previously, it was a packed weekend. Fates aligned and for the first time we were able to attend the PCYC Sail Past. Dating back to 1879, the 137th Sail Past is essentially a boat parade in which crew and skipper of the boats from the club sail past the Commodore of the club Peter Vatcher and salute. To our understanding there is a certain protocol and decorum involved, but again, or photographer was nursing blunt force trauma from spreaders and wasn’t quite so focused on the details. As PCYC’s Sail Past wound down the Royal Saint-Lawrence's started up with the outgoing Commodore sailing down the channel to salute the incoming ommodore. There’s something particularly marvelous about a line of boats organizing in salute along Lac Saint-Louis.


And there it is, the albeit delayed, but whole wrap up of our Laser Masters Canadians weekend. We want to thank the class for inviting us once again and we can’t wait to see you all next year!


Up next, a Quebec City adventure to catch the beginning of Transat St-Malo! Which is also where this is getting poster from.